Stage 1

We build the foundations with long term development in mind

Baby-Tennis: Reserved for kids 3-4 years only. The communication, the play area, the colors, and the whole concept of baby-tennis are based on the knowledge of the behavior and the comprehension skills of this age group. Our coaches are trained to be creative and use the right equipment to keep their attention during the sessions. The next step-up is mini-tennis.

Mini-Tennis: Players from 5-7 years old (Red Balls). Kids will have fun and play different games to develop their motor skills and their love of the game.

Initiation: Players who just came out of mini-tennis or are just starting the game, between 7-10. They will learn to hit baseline shots and serve, but also be introduced to the net game. We improve players through the different ball colors (Red, Orange, Green) at the appropriate time to maximize tactical and technical development.


Stage 2

Players further develop their skills and start competing in tougher tournaments

Development: Players from 10-15 years old who still need technical development.

Future Stars: Players from 8-11 years old who are extremely talented and have a great desire for competition.



Stage 3

We focus on the player’s individual game development goals. Players are advised to play international tournaments. Ages 13+

Excellence: Reserved for competitive players who already have a good technical and tactical base. Reinforcement of shot selections, of offensive and defensive situations.

World Class Tennis: Top players of the country who are nationally and internationally ranked (ITF, ATP). Many of them have represented their country or are still a member of their national team.



Individual Classes

Private Lessons: We offer individual lessons for beginners, intermediate, or advanced players. Our coaches will focus on every aspect of your game, or a particular stroke that you need to strengthen.

Semi-private lessons: This is designed for two players who will get specific instruction while hitting or drilling together. Any area of your game can be developed.



Red Felt or Foam Ball

Moves slower and bounces lower than orange ball

Reduced court size

36' x 18'

focus on the basics

2'9" Net Height

suitable for younger athletes

Up to 23" Racquet size


AGES 9 - 10

Orange Ball

Moves slower and bounces lower than green ball

Medium court size

60' x 21' singles

60' x 27' doubles

3' Center Net Height

3'6" at Posts

23" - 25" Racquet size



Green Ball

Slightly reduced bounce from yellow ball

Full court

78' x 27' singles

78' x 36' doubles

3' Center Net Height

3'6" at Posts

25" to 27" Racquet size

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